Meet The Team

Like minded citizens- passionate promoters of education, who believe, the only means of raising quality of life and dignity and self respect is acquired through education.


Shri Ahmed Saeed Khan IPS 

Former Director General of Police (Retd.)

Vice President

Shri Sirajuddin Qureshi

Chairman Hind Industries Ltd. New Delhi

Vice President

Shri  M.W. Ansari

Director General Of Police (Retd.)

Founder & Member Secretary

        Shri Shahid Hussain Khan IPS (Retd.)

Former Member, M.P. Public Service Commission Indore

Joint Secretary

Shri Shakil Mohammed Khan

Social Dignitary & Builder, Bhopal

Joint Secretary

Prof. Smt. Asfa Yasin

Professor PSSCIVE, HRD Govt. Of India, Bhopal(Retd.)


Shri S.M. Hussain, Architect

MD Shelter's Building Company, Bhopal


Syed Waris Hussain Chisty Moini

Scholar and Gaddi-Nashin Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Ajmer 

Syed Rumman Nizami

Member Administration Dargah Hzt Nizamuddin Aulia(R.A) Committee, New Delhi

Chief Advisor

Smt. Fawzia Khan

Founder/ CEO of Women That Give, Canada


Shri Raashid Hussain Khan

  Smart Classes

Accounts Administrator

Shakti Singh Chouhan

Shri Digvijaya Singh

Patron, Former Chief Minister of M.P.

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